The House

The House of Thomas Bayly, Silk Merchant, was built following the Great Fire of Marlborough in 1653.

Over the years 1653 to 1700 a fine timber and brick building was constructed, its interior brilliant with wall paintings, panelling and a commanding oak staircase. A substantial amount of this fabric survives and previously hidden painted decoration is still being revealed.

The facade and rooms fronting the High Street are timber-framed with tile hanging. The rear is a wing of brick construction.

Thomas Bayly was a prosperous silk mercer whose lifestyle is reflected in the spacious and elegant rooms. Contrary to populist literature, the typical Puritan 'middling' household enjoyed music, alcohol and bright and cheerful clothes and surroundings. Recent researches have shown that domestic life was lived to the full, although religion was a central and guiding influence on all.

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