The Merchant's House Marlborough

A glorious restoration of a 17th Century silk merchant's house

The Merchants's HouseThe Merchants's HouseThe Merchants's HouseThe Merchants's HouseThe Merchants's HouseThe Merchants's House

Our Shop is now OPEN


Our Christmas Room opens on Friday 9th October


The House and Garden are OPEN for tours


 The Museum remains closed

As soon as this situation changes this message will be updated.

The Merchant's House Shop re-opened on Monday 6th July. Opening hours are Monday to Saturday 10:00am to 4:00pm. After such a long enforced break we are all very much looking forward to welcoming you back. We have implemented many changes in line with Government retail guidelines (screens, social distancing, limited numbers, payment methods and so on) and we have published details on our shop page so you know what to expect when you come to the shop.

Between Monday 24th August and Friday 25th September we are offering a limited number of tours. Initially, we are planning on tours being available daily from Monday to Friday at 1:00pm to a maximum of four visitors from the same household. Tours must be pre-booked in advance through the Trust Office on 01672 511491.

The Museum remains closed. This is being kept under constant review, and we will re-open as soon as it is safe to do so.

We all very much look forward to the time when The Merchant's House is once again vibrant and bustling with activity.

The Merchant's House

Thomas Bayly, a silk mercer and prominent Marlborough citizen (twice Mayor), ran his business and brought up his family at what is now 132/3 High Street in a time of great change both locally and nationally.

In 1642 one of the earliest Civil War battles took place in the heart of the town and Marlborough gained a reputation for its firm commitment to the parliamentary cause.

Eleven years later, in 1653, the town was destroyed in a huge fire necessitating a rebuild of which the Merchant's House was part.

The house is a rare and remarkable survival.  It provides an insight into the lifestyle and interests of a middle-class family during a century when modern Britain - an outward looking, emerging capitalist country and one with a maturing political life - was coming into being.

We are learning a lot about the Baylys and 17th century Marlborough.  We hope a visit to this fascinating building will help you do the same.

Set on the wide high street of the vibrant market town of Marlborough which is bursting with history and character is the house of Thomas Bayly.

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The aim of the shop is to provide presents for everyone! The stock is extremely varied to cater for all tastes and all profits go to back to the House fund.

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We organise a wide variety of events in order to help increase knowledge as well as appreciation of the time in which The Merchant's House was built (1653).

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We welcome visits from schools, and have developed a morning programme which is informative and fun. Recommended age groups Y3 to Y7, for 5 to 36 children.

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There is always something happening at The Merchant's House!

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The Marlborough Museum, displaying items of local interest from the 18th century to the 1950s, has been set up as part of our commitment to the Town.

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