Events at The Merchant's House

Events are very important to The Merchant's House.

They create an awareness of what we are about, help raise vital funds and create a core body of supporters, all of which we need to help maintain and continue to restore our superb 17th Century Silk Merchant's House.

We organise a variety of events. In order to help increase knowledge and appreciation of the time in which The Merchant's House was built (1653) we have lectures relevant to the 17th and 18th Centuries.

We also like to create events in other areas of interest, such as Music, Gardening, Candlelit evenings, Antiques and Art.

Our aim is to entice you with wide and interesting events to keep you coming back for more!

Events at the Merchants House
Event listing
Events Date Location
David Evans - Reformation in England and the Arts 12 Aug 2020
A live online event View | Book
TENTATIVE: Camp Albion - Watermill Touring Theatre 20 Oct 2020
Marlborough Town Hall View