Christopher Rogers - Monastery to Monarchy - Architecture in England after the Reformation

Date: 15 Jul 2020
A live online event
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Christopher Rogers has kindly adapted his lecture originally scheduled for Wednesday 1st April in The Merchant's House to create two "virtual" lectures which he will present live online.
The first lecture took place on Wednesday 8th July. The second lecture can be enjoyed as a "stand alone" - it is not necessary to have seen the first lecture.

This was planned as the third of three lectures in The Merchant's House 2020 Study Series focussing on the Reformation.

The first half of the 16th century saw dramatic social changes in England. The greatest of these was the Dissolution of the Monasteries, arguably the greatest transfer of wealth in English history.  Both the King and many of his subjects gained huge tracts of former  monastic land, and sought to establish themselves dynastically with new mansions and palaces; a trend that continued well into the reign of Elizabeth 1st. At the same time the  impact of the Renaissance in Italy, and most especially in the  court of Francis 1st in France, saw revolutionary new ideas and designs which were to eclipse the established gothic and be incorporated into the lavish new buildings of the period. 

Wednesday 15th July at 10:00am: "The New Order". An illustrated lecture lasting about one hour followed by a live Q&A session.

Tickets £15  (£12 for Friends of The Merchant's House)
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Tickets will be available until 9:00am on Wednesday 15th July.