The Burning Time: witchcraft in the 17th Century

Date: 08 Sep 2021
Time: 19:30 - 20:30
A live online lecture
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Janet Few “The History Interpreter” is an academic historian, writer, speaker and researcher. We are delighted that she has squeezed us into her busy schedule with a series of three fascinating live online illustrated presentations.

This is the final one of Janet’s three presentations and is on Wednesday 8th September at 7:30pm for approximately one hour, including Q&A:

The Burning Time: witchcraft in the seventeenth century.
In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, a wave of witchcraft accusations swept Europe and North America, creating an era that became known as ‘The Burning Time’. Few of our ancestors were directly involved in witchcraft trials, either as the accused or the accuser, but all of our sixteenth and seventeenth century forbears lived in a world where there was an underlying belief in and fear of, witchcraft. In order to understand those ancestors, we need to be aware that ‘villagers were constantly engaged in contending with, or discussing, witches.’ (MacFarlane, Alan Witchcraft in Tudor and Stuart England: a regional and comparative study 1970 Routledge p.113). This was a climate in which mass hysteria could easily tip the balance and create an atmosphere where our ancestors and their neighbours would become caught up in witchcraft fever. Learn about this era and the sources that we can use to find more.

The other presentations in the series are:

Wednesday 12th May: Besoms, Battledores, Bedsteads and Bum Rolls: the role of women in the seventeenth century. Tickets and further details available here.

Wednesday 14th July: Ducking Stools, Dissenters, Debtors and Drunks: crime and punishment in the seventeenth century. Tickets and further details available here.

Tickets £12  (£9 for Friends of The Merchant's House)
All profits in aid of The Merchant's House (Marlborough) Trust. Charity No: 1010902

About the presenter

As The History Interpreter, Janet brings history alive in a variety of ways. She is passionate about encouraging young people to become interested in the past, especially through living history or family history. Many of her ideas are shared in her booklet “Harnessing the Facebook Generation:  ideas for involving young people in family history and heritage”.

Janet spends part of her time as her alter ego, Mistress Agnes, living in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, managing the Swords and Spindles team of historical interpreters. Her social history book “Coffers, Clysters, Comfrey and Coifs: the lives of our seventeenth century ancestors”, emerged out of this experience. 

Janet has also written two historical novels, “Barefoot on the Cobbles” and “Sins as Red as Scarlet”.

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