16 March 2020

Statement on Coronavirus
The Merchant’s House Trust is mindful of the Government’s advice concerning Coronavirus, which is currently having an effect on the Country.
We have consulted some of those involved in the House, Shop and Museum, Tours, Events and Committees etc and considered the involvement of our staff, volunteers and guides & visitors.
We have put in place basic healthcare provision with bacterial hand wash, sanitisers and paper towels (replacing the cloth towels) and there are notices at each hand-wash station in the House and Trust Office.   Anti-bacterial wipes will be available to wipe down surfaces, handles, tills and payment card machines.
We have discussed with Trust staff methods to work from home, if required and they have confirmed the following procedures:
  • Website – tours, events, general information             KFR & JM – office or at home
  • Friends/Volunteers/Staff – email from MH Database  KFR & JM – office or at home
  • Notice on Green door / Shop window / A Board         KFR/JM/JT
  • Social Media – MH Facebook                                   KFR/JM/JT
  • Trustees / Committee Members                               AGW/KFR/JM
 As of today’s date the Trust has decided the following:
ALL events taking place in the Merchant’s House will be POSTPONED until the END OF APRIL.   This decision will then be reviewed and extended as necessary.   This will affect the following events:
  •  March 17      Volunteers Coffee Morning
  • March 17      Tim Craven’s talk on “Thelwell”
  • March 18      Study Course – David Evans
  • March 28      Music in Art – Sophie Matthews
  • April 1           Study Course – Christopher Rogers
  • April 3           Taste of Ramsbury
  • April 25         Bath Spa Quartet
ALL tours will be POSTPONED until the END OF APRIL when the situation will be reviewed / extended as necessary
THE MUSEUM will be CLOSED until the END OF APRIL when the situation will be reviewed / extended as necessary
The Shop will be closed on Mondays but otherwise will remain open for the moment, but we may need to reconsider this based upon the number of staff and volunteers available and the level of turnover.  It may prove necessary to close for more days per week or to reduce opening hours.
We will only accept payment by card and not cash until further notice.
All this will be publicised internally & externally with regular updates as the situation changes.   The Statement will be sent to Trustees, staff, volunteers, guides, committee members, Friends, Website, social media (Facebook & Instagram) and a shorter poster will appear on the Green Door on the High Street, Shop Window and ‘A’ Board.  
If anyone who works for the Merchant’s House Trust as an employee or volunteer contracts Coronavirus they will  be required to stay away until medical advice confirms that they are no longer infectious.   Should we become aware that any staff member, volunteer or other person who comes to the Merchant’s House has been in close contact with someone who has the virus, they will be required to stay away and asked to self-isolate for at least fourteen days.
The Merchant’s House Trust will monitor the situation regularly and take the appropriate action to responsibly protect our staff, volunteers, visitors and customers and all those involved in the Merchant’s House
Alison Galvin-Wright
Chair of The Merchants House Trust

16 March 2020