The Museum

The Merchants House Trust agreed to set up a Marlborough Museum as part of their commitment to the Town. Over many years items of local interest from the surrounding areas have been collected and stored in readiness for this day. The collection seeks to cover the history of the town and its villages beginning in the 18th century and going up to the period following the second world war.

In 2017 the Trust received a very generous donation that allowed this project to get off the ground. The Trust would match fund the costs going forward to create the Marlborough Museum.

Plan your visit

We are normally open from March to October. However, the Museum is currently CLOSED due to Coronavirus.

When we re-open, Museum opening times will be: 
Wednesday: 11am until 3pm
Saturday: 11am until 3pm

Admission charges: Adults £3, Children U16 are free.

The Marlborough Museum has its own web site at
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Museum display cabinet
Museum tricycle